September 23, 2018

     Alice leaned her forehead against the glass. As she looked down at the city her lip trembled. From the fortieth floor everything looked miniscule. The people, in various forms of black and grey, hustled from one rectangular mirrored box to another. Skyscrapers cut...

August 27, 2018


By Samantha Fairfield Walsh

            Loretta’s breath formed little clouds in the air. They billowed and broke as the empty highway opened up in front of her. She was glad that Mick was driving. That way, she could keep her hands tucked safely in the silk line...

I'm about thirty minutes into this book and I had to stop and type this out because I have to say that it is the best description of privilege I've ever read. Scratch that. It's the best description, implication, and discussion of privilege that I've ever been a part o...

"New York, I soon learned, wasn't so much scary as it was indifferent. In Los Angeles, I had felt judged. In New York, I felt ignored. Sometimes that was what I wanted: to disappear. But sometimes I wanted to be cared for, to belong, and I had to find that myself, beca...

"In my late teens and college years, after I'd had my heart broken again and again, Zack became a kind of symbol. He represented all my relationship mistakes, all my misreadings and misconceptions. He played guitar, so he was an artist. He was an artist, so he was sens...

Last August I noticed some red bumps on the back of my husband's neck. His elbow. A few on his arm. Then one Sunday night while he was out babysitting I found myself sitting on the living room floor, back against the wall, staring at my couch.

And even though I hadn't s...

"I know that I was created for a specific path and purpose, and growing into that purpose is important to me. I try not to look into other people's backyards and just try to be grateful for everything I have in each moment. What is for me is for me, and that helps to k...

When I was thirteen years old, my very favorite counselor at theater camp plucked my eyebrows for the first time. Fond of half tops and jean cut offs- Barry was flamboyantly gay and so much fun. He instilled in me an affinity for lip gloss and glitter that I embraced w...

I've been thinking about beginning. Being a beginner.

How as we get older our chances to have completely new and foreign experiences in our daily life diminish rapidly.

I recently signed up for my first drawing class. As I sat down at the table and class began I realized...

March 9, 2018

Being a creative person, I grew up with the feeling that I would never be enough if I followed the voice in my head that said make this. No no no. Make that. Writing, photography, painting, baking, acting, dancing, sewing, embroidering. My hands were never not active....

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